Sinopower 25000t rock wool production line put into operation

On June 23, the rock wool production line with an annual output of 25000 tons developed by sinopower was successfully put into trial production in Zhengxin thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. of Manas County, Xinjiang. Compared with the old product line of the factory, the product quality of the production line has been substantially improved, which can better meet the diverse choices of customers and is highly recognized by customers.

Xinjiang Manas rock wool production line was officially installed on June 10, this year. The installation personnel outside the factory worked together and worked overtime to overcome the difficulties of poor site construction conditions, poor supporting facilities, tight project progress and high temperature. The equipment commissioning and production work was carried out, and the ignition was successful in the early morning of June 23. They use their actions to highlight the spirit of “unity, hard work, innovation and dedication” of Sinopower people.


Post time: Jul-14-2020
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