Matters needing attention in the construction of cement fiber board


1. The wall can be divided into single-layer light steel keel double-sided fixed fiber cement board and double-layer light steel keel double-sided fiber cement board staggered and fixed on the keel, filled with rock wool or other insulation materials, which mainly depends on the partition Whether the house wall is a partition wall or not depends on the sound insulation design requirements of the building. The thickness of fiber cement board should be 8-10mm (inner wall board), 12-24mm (outer wall board), with the light side facing outward. Most of the foreign countries adopt beading method or open joint construction.

2. Tiles should be affixed on the surface of the bathroom, bathroom and other places with high humidity, and the matte surface should face outward. After confirming that the moisture content of the board is less than 10%. Brush the sealant on the surface of the board. After the glue is dry, use AB glue to paste the tiles. Never use cement mortar to prevent the fiber cement board from falling off.

3. The light steel keel frame that fixes the wallboard must be flat and stable with reliable nail holding force.


4. When fixing the fiber cement board, it must start from the center of the board surface and gradually extend to the surrounding to fix it so as to avoid the internal stress caused by the improper fixing of the board surface, resulting in the unevenness of the board surface.

5. When fixing the cement pressure plate with self-tapping screws, the nail distance should be: 200mm for the ceiling plate, 300mm for the middle of the wall plate, 200mm for all sides. The center of the nail hole is 13mm-15mm from the edge of the plate. The nail head should be lower than the surface 0.3mm.

6. After each nail is fixed, the primer should be applied to the nail head immediately to prevent the nail head from rusting and affecting the overall appearance.

7. Draw a line on the fixed fiber cement board where the hole needs to be slightly larger than the actual size. If it is a square hole, one hole should be drilled in the four corners of the square hole with a hole diameter of 10mm. Then use a portable marble saw cut along the line. If it is a round hole, drill a hole in the inscribed circle, and then cut along the line with a jig saw. The diameter of the drill hole is 10mm, and the flash can be removed.

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Post time: May-27-2020
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