Gypsum/Plaster Block Making Machine

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Product Description 1. Metering ingredients1.1 Gypsum powder meteringStainless steel or steel material measuring chamberPulling force sensor hanging load bearingThe pneumatic butterfly val...

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Product Description

 1. Metering ingredients

1.1 Gypsum powder metering

Stainless steel or steel material measuring chamber

Pulling force sensor hanging load bearing

The pneumatic butterfly valve 40S is quickly cut to improve the fluidity of the slurry under the same water-paste ratio and reduce the accumulation of material on the inner wall of the mixer.

1.2 Water metering

Stainless steel or steel tank body, beautiful appearance.

Solenoid valve inlet and outlet control, rapid response.

The dedicated load cell automatically controls the water inlet.

2. Fully enclosed dust-free mixer

Openable top cover design, surrounded by rubber strips to prevent dust from overflowing.. Pneumatically control the front cover dust cover to open and close.

The unique “puffing mouth” design ensures smooth feed.

1400r/min high speed stirring to ensure uniform slurry.

Spraying water flushes the inner wall.

After the feeding, the secondary mist sprayed into the water for dust reduction, reducing the internal dust overflow of the mixer.

The hydraulic pressure is poured at a large angle to ensure that all the slurry is poured out.

The rectangular square tube is made of high rigidity frame.

3. Gypsum block forming machine

Hard chrome plated stainless steel plate or stainless steel plate is plated with hard chrome cavity to ensure product size and appearance.

One-time forming steel scraper and pneumatic lifting device ensure the beautiful appearance of the upper surface of the block and ensure that no scrap is scraped into the foundation pit and reduce the labor intensity of the site workers.

The bottom mold and the mandrel are sealed in a double pass to ensure no slurry leakage. The mandrel is hard chrome plated and will not rust.

Use imported equipment to optimize the overall structure.

Finish the joint surfaces to ensure the overall reference size of the equipment.

4. Automatic space fixture

Specially customized ultra-thin cylinder pneumatic flexible clamping to avoid damage to the gypsum block.

Frequency control for precise positioning.

Select domestically produced excellent reducer and pneumatic components to select brand parts to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

Note: There are two kinds of space fixtures. The second type is mechanical fixtures. Our company invents patented products, which is easy to operate, convenient and practical, and can be used for inspection and selection by your company.

5. Hydraulic system

Select high quality hydraulic components.

The scraper hydraulics adopts a new process of meshing the rack and pinion to ensure the synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders.

The precise positioning design of the jacking cylinder meets the requirements of on-site production of different height gypsum blocks.

High reliability, meeting the complex environment design requirements of the work site.

6. Automated and semi-automatic combined control system

Siemens, Chint electrical components.

Unique secondary programming design. On-site management personnel can change the raw material ratio, weighing and peeling, and the time interval between processes to improve the production efficiency on site and reduce the professional requirements for field equipment maintenance personnel.

Standard GGD control cabinet and nearest operation box.

7. Yarding Stacking manipulator

Hot Sale in Dubai Full Automatic Gypsum Block Making Machine

The company’s invention patent products, mechanical principle, simple operation, to ensure the beautiful appearance of the block.

It can stack more than 5 layers of gypsum block, saving floor space and reducing labor.

Working Process


Machine overview
Specification Number of modules (block) Production times(times / hour) Output(m2/h) Employ-ment Price(Set) Remarks
666mm*500mm*100mm 24 ≥8 ≥24*8/3 2 Price pleaseconsult sales staff One square meter for every 3 blocks
20 ≥8 ≥20*8/3 2
12 ≥8 ≥12*8/3 2
666mm*500mm*120mm 20 ≥8 ≥20*8/3 2
12 ≥8 ≥12*8/3 2
500mm*333mm*150mm 28 ≥8 ≥28*8/6 2 One square meter for every 6 blocks
14 ≥8 ≥14*8/6 2
500mm*333mm*200mm 24 ≥8 ≥24*8/6 2
12 ≥8 ≥12*8/6 2

Note: The production line specification model can be customized according to customer requirements.

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