Edging And Chamfering Production Line

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Automatic Cement Board Edging And Chamfering Production Line

Edging And Chamfering Machine Introduction

Edging and chamfering line is the necessary device for deep processing the Calcium Silicate Board or Fiber Cement Board. For the edging board, the vertical width is 900 - 1220mm, the horizontal width is 1830 - 2440mm, the thickness is 4 - 20mm.

Horizontal edging machineVertical edging machine


This machine has the advantage of automatic, steady reverse, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance and easily operating.

Edging and chamfering machine-02Edging and chamfering machine-01

The edging line is consisted of feed board line frame, vertical&horizontal edging chamfering machine, vertical reverse machine, electric cabinet, air cabinet and so on. The feed board line frame transits the process plate billet into the front main machine through the belt transition system. Then the aligning device in the front main machine centres the process board in order to make the two sides of the edge cut equally before cutting it by cutting edge, grinding edge, chamfering and chamfer processing.

 Edging and chamfering machine-03Edging and chamfering machine-08

Edging machine-09Edging machine-11

After processed by the front main machine, the processed board is turning 90° by the reversing table before transited into the back main machine for processing another side of the board. Its principle is nearly the same the front one, with one more baffle position device in the aligning device to align the position of the two sides again to make sure the error of the diagonal. After the board is processed by the back main machine, it is transited into the auto stacking system through the discharge line frame



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