Rock Wool Production Line

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Rock wool,also called mineral wool,is divided into rock wool and slag wool normally. Slag is the main material of slag wool. Rock wool is produced mainly using igneous rock, e.g. basalt, dolomite, ...

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SINOPOWER INDUSTRIES GROUP LIMITED is one of professional manufactures about Building Material Machinery.We have more than 15 years of operating experience in this industry. We are the earliest suppliers and leaders in China.From drawing design, equipment manufacturing to construction, we have domestic first-class design institutes, equipment factories and top construction teams to cooperate. Both customers and suppliers have a reputation in the industry.

We specialize in manufacturing rock wool production lines. In the past 15 years, we have completed 25 overseas projects, of which 10 are turnkey. Our turnkey projects got many good reputation from customers.

The rock wool production line uses basalt, dolomite, slag as the main raw materials. It is weighed according to the technical formula and sent to the melting furnace. After melting, it is introduced into the centrifuge through the forehearth and the movable flow trough. The coagulated fibers are blown to a wool collector. The fiber is formed into a virgin wool felt on a drum wool collector, and a uniform wool felt in the form of a multi-layer folded structure is formed on a receiving conveyor via a high-speed conveyor and a pendulum conveyor. After pre-pressing and pleating, it enters a curing furnace. In the curing furnace, the upper and lower mesh chain plates are press-shaped and solidified to form a continuous mat with a certain thickness and strength, and then passed through the cooling section, cutting and recycling of edge materials, slitting machine, length measuring device, flying saw cross-cutting, belt Conveyors, packaging machines and other equipment are processed into qualified products of the required specifications.

rock wool machine

rock wool machine


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