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Wet weather, do pipe machinery would be affected

Edit: Sinopower Industrial Group Limited    Date: Sep 08, 2016

In wet weather, moisture on the pipe surface of machine parts, parts poor contact, and prone to generate static electricity, and easily capture dust, which would harm the accumulation of weld pipe mechanical parts, the old failed, can't long mechanical life, how to make money? Rest assured, according to the experience of weld pipe mechanical level professional technicians for moisture-proof proposal:

First, reasonable select where to place the location of weld pipe mechanical, try to select the humidity is relatively small for position with less dust.

Second, place the pipe machinery near, put a thermometer in order to keep track of the changes of humidity in the room.

Thirdly, in order to reduce humidity, can put some desiccant and frequent replacement. If the humidity is too large, conditions can be installed next to the weld pipe mechanical control devices, such as the dehumidifier.

Finally, note that rust, weld pipe mechanical parts made by rust paint oil to prevent rust.

Finally, starting every day, should be preheated welding machinery. Preheating drying machinery surrounding air temperature and lower humidity.

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