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Mixer type details

Edit: Sinopower Industrial Group Limited    Date: Sep 08, 2016

According to the operation mode are available in both cyclic operation and continuous operation.

Recurrence type feeding, mixing and unloading three processes is carried out at a certain time interval cycle, that is, mixing.

Due to the mix of various materials are accurately weighed, mixing good quality. Now mostly uses this type of operation.

Continuous operation of these three processes is carried out continuously in a longer barrel. Recurrence although their productivity is high, but because of the mix of materials and time is difficult to control, so the mixing quality is poor. Currently using less.

By mixing in ever mixing, forced mixing two.

Fall mixer is stirring mixtures in a rotating drum, along with the rotation of the mixing drum, drum blade within the mixture up to a certain height, and rely on the freedom of self-spread down. Again and again, until the mix up. This mixer mixing plastic and half plastic concrete.

Compulsory mixer is mixing Drum does not move, and the drums were placed on a rotating shaft forced mixing of blades. This mixer mixing good quality, high production efficiency, but power consumption, and the blade wear fast. Suitable for mixing dry concrete.

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