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Light partition Board's installation requirements

Edit: Sinopower Industrial Group Limited    Date: Sep 08, 2016

(1), and wall Board installation Qian will its bond surface (top surface, and side) with prepared good of supporting bond agent all wipe real, sides do horoscopes angle installation Shi, a people in side pushed, a people in following with wide mouth crowbar pry up, side to Shang top, squeeze by, side upper and lower see line, makes of squeeze tight gap (to extrusion pulp suitable) check vertical wide, spell align, on are, seams within bond agent to full. Immediately after passing wood wedge under the back tight on both sides for the crowbar, plate above the 1 u-shaped iron, with a nail on each side for mounting to beams or level.

(2), after the installation of the wall immediately with fine stone concrete bottom gap plugging real solid, after treating the concrete strength (24 hours) to be dismantled wooden wedge, with a mortar trowel.

(3), wall plate installation within a week after not picking holes gouge, so as not to shock plate the adhesive curing time cracking.

(4) door and window frames, doors and Windows both sides, with expansion screws when installing doors and Windows.

(5) can be used for dark design, electrical lines, horizontal bars along the bottom line, vertical wall put hose available in laying cables to minimize lateral opening wall, so as not to damage the wall. Switch socket corresponding Ming design or unsightly.

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