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How to choose a lightweight partition Board?

Edit: Sinopower Industrial Group Limited    Date: Sep 08, 2016

Light partition Board choosing which is better? Current national efforts to promote the third generation of environmental protection and energy saving partition Board, with moisture-proof, earthquake-resistant insulation, fire insulation, small footprint, high intensity, convenient construction and so on. Edit this paragraph wall Board of classification usually Shang is divided into GRC light wall Board (glass fiber enhanced cement), and GM Board (Silicon magnesium Board), and pottery grain Board, and gypsum board (1) light cement sent bubble sandwich Board sent bubble cement composite Board and called in the body Board, this products has environmental energy-saving no pollution, light, and seismic, and fire, and insulation, and noise, and construction shortcut of obviously advantages, since put market yilai, much building materials experts favored, caused has many building company of eager concern.

Main components: roof panels, grid panels, floor panels, wall panels, section and so on. Outer ring with c-shaped steel frame, plus pair of ribbed bars, whole slab laying steel mesh, lightweight foamed concrete filled with core material used. Roof panel, grid: mainly used in large-span buildings, stadiums, factories, warehouse roof construction of floor plate: mainly used in steel structure floor, frame floor and beam welding, solid, good overall. Wall panels: mainly used in exterior wall thermal insulation wall construction, interior wall partition panels, frame or steel wall construction.

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