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Features of vacuum dispersing machine

Edit: Sinopower Industrial Group Limited    Date: Sep 08, 2016

Features of vacuum dispersing machine

1, single-arm hydraulic axle lift system.

2, a carefully designed mixing and dispersing structure, mixing evenly, no dead ends.

3, vacuum degassing, no bacterial contamination.

4, according to process requirement distribution heating, steam heating, water cooling device.

5, vacuum dispersing machine parts in contact with the material are stainless steel.

6, dispersed particle size for 1~2 μ m.

7, vacuum dispersing machine specifications according to customer requirements, design and manufacturing.

8, vacuum system vacuum pump, vacuum on top.

9, rapid stirring shaft as dispatch mix leaves with teeth on the inside, independent and configure device motor frequency converter to control speed, operating speed 0 – 1500rpm. Stainless steel shaft in the middle of a butterfly wing scraping mixing vane, Motor reducer and Inverter control configuration 1:30 speed, operating speed 0 – 200rpm.

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