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Analysis of cement bricks production problems that often occur when

Edit: Sinopower Industrial Group Limited    Date: Sep 08, 2016

If not the user purchased a device problem, tiles are of a quality problem can still occur, will pay attention to the production of the raw material, and this proportion is not a problem. Number of users before you buy equipment not asking questions about the ratio of raw materials to manufacturers, manufacturers do not take the initiative to introduce. If the user asks, manufacturers cannot be comprehensive answer, which caused some users to think what can be done, just a ratio can be. Often errors occur in these places. As now commonly used fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, not all of these raw materials can be directly used to make bricks.

When making bricks, we have to see how the carbon content of the raw material, if too high, will directly affect the quality of the bricks and used. Due to some causes of coal quality on the other hand, can lead to a number of fly ash, slag, gangue itself contains radioactive elements. In the case of raw material is no problem, if not correctly used the ratio of raw materials, though the ratio of raw materials listed can be a reference, some people do it at this rate, tiles are of a quality and still have a problem. There is also need to pay attention to the size of the raw material used, another point is the use of aggregate, which many people do not understand. Add aggregate in order to improve the bending of the brick and compactness. And then there is how to grasp the molar ratio of the amount of water is difficult.

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